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Tian, Hengliang Travelers' route choice behavior in risky networks.

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Trabal-Del Valle, Jorge M Data quality assessment and rainfall estimation using dense radar networks. Tran, Thanh T. L High-performance processing of continuous uncertain data. Trauvitch, Rhona Adventures in fictionality: Sites along the border between fiction and reality. Tsvetkova, Olga V Uncertainty in climatic change impacts on multiscale watershed systems.

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Tulchinsky, Alexander Y Evolution of hybrid incompatibilities in gene regulatory networks. Tyler, Bruce David Fan communities and subgroups: Exploring individuals' supporter group experiences. Unal, Burcu Microbial community composition and the effects of trace elements on methanogenesis associated with deep subsurface coal. Unnikrishnan, Deepak Reconfigurable technologies for next generation internet and cluster computing. Venkatesh, Vijay Spaced-antenna wind estimation using an X-band active phased-array weather radar.

Vergara Figueroa, Aurora Race, gender, class, and land property rights in Colombia a historical ethnography of the Afrocolombians' struggles over land, — Versek, Craig Wm Charge transport studies of proton and ion conducting materials. Vinitpornsawan, Supagit Population and spatial ecology of tigers and leopards relative to prey availability and human activity in thung yai naresuan east wildlife sanctuary, Thailand. Wajdi, Habibullah The process of organizational capacity development in action in post-conflict setting of the Literacy Department of Afghanistan.

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Walters, Edward K. Wang, Meng Investigation of microalgae cultivation and anaerobic codigestion of algae and sewage sludge for wastewater treatment facilities. Wang, Shunhai Development of mass spectrometry-based methods for quantitation and characterization of protein drugs: transferrin as a model drug delivery vehicle. Wang, Yanbo Computer simulations of polyelectrolyte stretching and translocation.

Wanwong, Sompit Molecular designs for charge and ion transporting materials. White, Ted Seeds of a new economy?

A qualitative investigation of diverse economic practices within community supported agriculture and community supported enterprise. Wiehe, Elsa M Racialized spaces in teacher discourse: A critical discourse analysis of place-based identities in Roche Bois, Mauritius. Xiao, Sheng Dynamic secrets in communication security.

Yang, Jin Experimental and computational studies of aqueous-phase hydrogenation of biorenewable aromatic chemicals.

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Yao, Li Self-assembly of block copolymers for the fabrication of functional nanomaterials. Yetis Bayraktar, Ayse Parents' socioeconomic class position and children's time use patterns. Yoon, Ilsang Bayesian anatomy of galaxy structure. Yucesoy, Burcu Replica exchange Monte Carlo simulations of the ising spin glass: Static and dynamic properties.

Yu, Xi Assembly of surface engineered nanoparticles for functional materials. Yu, Xunyi Hybrid radio frequency and video framework for identity-aware augmented perception in disaster management and assistive technologies. Zajac, Timothy W The everyday feast: Recreational consumption and social status in early modern English drama.

Zencirci, F. Gizem The local production of welfare humanitarianism in neoliberal Turkey. Ziegenbein, Linda M Inhabiting spaces, making places: Creating a spatial and material biography of David Ruggles.

Zirogiannis, Nikolaos Dynamic factor analysis for panel data: A generalized model. Zobel-Lachiusa, Jeanne Sensory processing and the self care task of eating in children with autism. Agarwal, Vishal Modeling material transformations in bio-refinement. Ahmed, Razi Accuracy of biomass and structure estimates from radar and lidar. Ajtum-Roberts, Therese M Teachers' development of global awareness and its influence on their teaching practice in the 21st century classroom. Akerstedt, Anna M.

watch K Sleep disturbances in Alzheimer's disease and caregiver mood: A diary study. Almalkie, Saba A study on small scale intermittency using direct numerical simulation of turbulence. Amini, Alireza Mesostructural characterization and probabilistic modeling of the design limit states of parallel strand lumber. Anafi, Patricia Understanding maternal health-care seeking behavior in low-income communities in Accra, Ghana. Aydemir, Ufuk Topics in high energy physics beyond the standard model. Ayvazian, Andrea S Goals, principles, and practices for community-based adult education through the lens of a Hatcher-Assagioli synthesis.

Baird, Jennifer L The role of the upper body in human locomotion. Basak, Dipankar Proton transfer in organic scaffolds. Basole, Amit Knowledge, gender, and production relations in India's informal economy. Behn, Beth A Woodrow Wilson's conversion experience: The president and the federal woman suffrage amendment. Belcher, Guliz Dinc Journey from Islamism to conservative democracy: The politics of religious party moderation in Turkey.

Bendersky, Michael Information retrieval with query hypergraphs. Berg, Tiffany Determination and speciation of arsenic in environmental and biological samples. Blackburn, Thomas J. Boelens, Arnout On the effect of elasticity on drag reduction due to polymer additives using a hybrid D. Boisvert, Michelle K An investigation of the efficacy of speech and language interventions with students with ASD using telepractice.

Boulton, Christopher Rebranding diversity: Colorblind racism inside the U.

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Breid, Derek Ronald Controlling morphology in swelling-induced wrinkled surfaces. Bush, William S Gradients and ranges of visually selective attention based on location, objects, color, and size: Gradients are universal, but range is uniquely spatial. Carlin, Alan Decision-theoretic meta-reasoning in partially observable and decentralized settings.

Chasaki, Danai Security issues in networked embedded devices. Chikkannagari, Nagamani Functional polymers for anhydrous proton transport. Chudomel, John Matthew Synthesis and photophysical characterization of conjugated molecules for potential solar cell uses. Ciftci, Cihan Risk quantification of maple trees subjected to wind loading.

Cohen, Jennifer E Macroeconomic and microeconomic determinants of informal employment: The case of clothing traders in Johannesburg, South Africa. Colak, Semra Norbornene based polybetaines: Synthesis and biological applications. Curtis, Anna M In the heart of the beast: Masculinity and fatherhood on the inside. Cushing, Jeremy Self-knowledge in a natural world. Cutting, A. Edward A comprehensive fifty-one jurisdiction review of statutes mandating and encouraging the teaching of history in K—12 schools.

Dadlani, Mamta Banu Malleable racial identity in multiracial individuals: A new paradigm for integrating race and identity in the United States.